S-K Ranch Management LLC


Welcome to S-K Ranch Management LLC

The Shannon family has been providing farming and ranching expertise in Tulare County for five generations and well over 100 years. S-K Ranch Management LLC is owned by Mike and Eric Shannon, a father and son team. The S-K Ranch Team is involved in a number of farming and non-farming ventures.

S-K Ranch Management LLC is a farm management company that provides a full range of services to family-owned properties as well as client-owned properties. They have extensive experience in the development and farming of permanent crops that include wine grapes, walnuts, almonds, citrus.apples and cherries. In addition, S-K Ranch Management farms SK Ranch Mgt Designa number of row crops and have recently started a beef cattle and dairy livestock replacement program. This is a throwback to their family heritage, beginning at the C.J. Shannon & Sons feedlot and farming operation. C.J. Shannon was Dick Shannon’s father and Mike’s grandfather.

Now the next generation, Eric’s sons JR and Dustin, has taken on key roles in the expansion of this family endeavor. With farmland of their own, they are an integral part of S-K Ranch Management LLC. Together they have put together a unique family farming operation that is at the forefront of California agriculture.